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Q. How much does it cost to get started as a demonstrator?

A. The Starter Kit is only £99 (129€) and is fully customizable. You get to choose up to £130 (175€), plus a business pack with order forms, catalogues, flyers and all the essentials to start your business.

Q. What will I do as a demonstrator?

A. You get to share you love of paper crafting, creating cards, gifts, mini albums or scrapbook pages with your family, friends and new customer friends. If you choose to,  you can run in home parties, group or one to one classes and you can also help others to their own Stampin’ Up! business. Everyone who joins is  called a demonstrator, even if you don’t demonstrate!! You can be your own best customer!!

Q. What is the quarterly minimum  and when are the quarters?

It is £270 at catalogue prices (300CSV commissionable sales volume). This starts in your first FULL quarter, the  quarters being Jan-March,  April-June, July-September, Oct-December.

When you join you are already in a quarter so Stampin’ Up! gives you the first part quarter as a “grace” period, so you first quarterly minimums don’t need to be met until the one after, For example, if you join in August you would have all the way till the end of December to meet your minimums.

Q. What  happens if I don’t meet my minimums?

You will be given an extra month to try and reach them, but if you don’t, you are no longer a demonstrator, nothing to pay back and penalties.

Q. I only want to do this as a hobby, is that okay?

Absolutely!! Whether you want to make a business or get a discount for you hobby or anything in between Stampin’ Up! and I will support you in whatever way you want.

Q. Are there Stampin’ Up! events that I can attend? Where will I get ideas?

Yes, there are 2 Onstage Stampin’ Up! events in April and November each year and there are resources for demonstrators, weekly updates on our website and email, a quarterly magazine and a exclusive demonstrator website.


I hope I this has been useful to you and of course if you have any more questions please call me on 07980235532 or email me at

I can’t wait for you to join Stampin’ Up! and join my team of Handy Crafters!

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